Monday, March 7, 2016

Quiet is suspicious, very suspicious.

Joe Doyle and his lady love have reunited, and without asking Joe Doyle moved his Dumblin into the house he has been staying at. Now for the record he didn't ask permission to move in there, he was doing some work for the family and just never left.

Dumblin has a job, but no car or license. Joe has a permit, but no car, but Joe has a buddy, who has a car and a license, but no tags or insurance. This is no problem in Doyle world. Joe just started borrowing the truck that belongs to the family he moved in with, letting Buddy use it to drive Dumblin to work every day.

This went on for a week before the family put their foot down and told them that they couldn't borrow the truck to take her to work. Joe and Dumblin have moved out. We are waiting on a pregnancy announcement and wedding bells. It is just a matter of time.

Dirt track race season is fast approaching. This should provide me not only with endless new stories on everyones favorite redneck family but also endless sleepless nights as my lovely neighbors fight, brawl, and argue about racing.