Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Got Chickens?

I have a few chickens, by a few I really mean about 45. I also have an assortment of other feathered creatures, parrots, parakeets, quail, doves, and pigeons. My sister hoards cats I hoard birds. In the I was in full on hatch mode. I had 3 large mobile runs scattered around the yard holding chicks of various ages. One
afternoon I was feeding chicks and moving runs when one of the Doyle boys comes strolling up my long gravel drive. Barefoot, wearing oil/grease stained sleep pants. Despite it being 3pm he looked as if he had just rolled out of bed, which was probably under one of the race cars. He stopped a few feet away from me and stared for a moment before asking me a question that I can only imagine had been weighing on his mind for quite some time. "You got any chickens?"

I couldn't resist, I glanced up while filling a feeder and said, "nope, not a one". His brows furrowed as he considered a response and then wandered past me to my neighbors house. The Doyle boys are special people. They watched us transform a shed that sits directly across from their front door into a chicken coop, They watched me build out and extend the run several times (its simply not safe to free range here), They have heard my rooster crowing at 6am. For 2 years they have watched me trek across the yard several times a day to check on my flock, yet this one wondered if I had chickens.

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  1. lol Well maybe they belong to Nancy? You have chickens like I have cats. Maybe my cats need a run?