Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas

Like most of the Eastern part of the US we have been battling Winter Storm Jonas. Over the course of Friday and Saturday we got 16.5 inches of snow. Watching the Doyle boys attempt to survive a near blizzard has been interesting. The week started with Joe Doyle's romance coming to a crashing halt and him moving back in next door. He quit his job to live off his fiance/sugarmomma, spending his days running the roads and having fun with his friends. Sugarmomma didn't like this and kicked him to the curb.

The Doyle boys don't cook, I am not even certain they have a fully functional kitchen. They go to town or walk down to our little community store daily for food. The walk across the road to bum water and the occasional snack cake off neighbors. Friday our little local store closed early, Saturday they decided not to open. Most of the people who work at the store can and do walk to work, but with 16.5 inches of snow on the ground their boss decided it was safer to just close up shop. This sent the Doyle boys into panic mode. They went from house to house bumming food and snacks of neighbors. They had no food in the house. Why would you attempt to weather a major winter storm with out stocking up on food? Why would you try to depend on the little community store and the roads remaining open so you can buy food daily?

Joe Doyle and a few of the younger boys managed to get an ATV stuck while out goofing off in the storm. They managed to free the 4 wheeler but there is no word on how badly damaged it is, they have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to 3 ATV's over the summer. None of the ATV's have been their own.

The sun is out, everything is thawing and melting, it appears we have all survived Winter Storm Jonas, even the Doyle boys.

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